Getting Started


python-idex is available on PYPI. Install with pip:

pip install python-idex

Register on IDEX v3

Firstly register an account with IDEX v3.

Make sure you save your private key as you will need it to sign trades.

API Credentials

Generate an API key and secret using the Manage User.

Specify the permissions you require and remember to save both the key and the secret.

Private Key

To perform and trading you will need both your api credentials and private key.

Note: Your private key is in the form ‘0x4efd9306gf134f9ee432d7415fb385029db50e7bce1682b2442beba24cf0a91f’

Initialise the client

Pass your Private Key

from idex import Client
client = Client(api_key, api_secret)

# add your wallet private key later

# initialise the client with private key
client = Client(api_key, api_secret, private_key)

Requests Settings

python-idex uses the requests library and the aiohttp library.

You can set custom requests parameters for all API calls when creating the client.

# for non-asyncio
client = Client(address, private_key, {"verify": False, "timeout": 20})

# for asyncio
client = Client(address, private_key, {"verify_ssl": False, "timeout": 20})

You may also pass custom requests parameters through any API call to override default settings or the above settingsspecify new ones like the example below.

# this would result in verify: False and timeout: 5 for the get_ticker call
client = Client(address, private_key, {"verify": False, "timeout": 20})
client.get_ticker('ETH_SAN', requests_params={'timeout': 5})

Check out the requests documentation for all options.

Proxy Settings

You can use the Requests Settings method above

proxies = {
    'http': '',
    'https': ''

# in the Client instantiation
client = Client(address, private_key, {'proxies': proxies})

# or on an individual call
client.get_ticker('ETH_SAN', requests_params={'proxies': proxies})

Or set an environment variable for your proxy if required to work across all requests.

An example for Linux environments from the requests Proxies documentation is as follows.

$ export HTTP_PROXY=""
$ export HTTPS_PROXY=""

For Windows environments